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Gift: The Spell that Sparks Our Heart
Park Sung-Wan  |  yj4442@naver.com
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Updated : 2018.10.05  00:45:27
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 Gift, the mere mention of it makes me excited. We have never hated gifts even from since when we were young. It makes our hearts happy just to receive gifts even if we receive something useless. We can’t stop our face from smiling when we get them. Gifts have the power to thrill us. We already know this. We smile just with the thought of remembering these moments of gift giving with our family, friends, or lovers. To learn more about the joy gifts bring people at Gachon University, I asked a few students about the types of gifts they’ve received and why they were so moved by them.

 Kim Yong Joon (Department of Food & Biology Engineering ‘18)
 I'm in the band club. When I tried to buy a new guitar, one of the senior members of the band introduced me a place where I could buy a cheap and good guitar. So, I was able to buy a cheap and good guitar. I don't think gifts necessarily need to be a thing. I think information or good advice that helps me is also a gift.

 Tak Eun hee (Department of Equipment System & Fire Engineering ‘17)
 I didn’t tell anyone when my birthday is, but a friend of mine in my club happened to know it anyway. This friend remembered my birthday and planned a birthday party for me. Although the party was not a huge one, it still really impressed me that she just remembered my birthday.

 Park Se il (Department of English Language & Literature ‘18)
 The birthday cake that my friends secretly prepared sticks in my mind. I usually don’t think too much or get really excited about my birthday. Because I don’t make a big deal of it, I was impressed that my friends cared more about my birthday than me.

 Kim Min ki (Department of Food & Nutrition ‘17)
 I was impressed by the rolling paper and snacks brought by the junior members of school our band during high school. I was a scary senior who got angry and scolded the younger members when the band didn’t practice well. Still, they congratulated me on my birthday. I thought that I had good juniors. Now I can talk about it freely, but I was very impressed at the time.

 Kwon Ji min (Department of Media Communication ‘17)
 There is a pair of LED shoes with a Disney princess drawn on it. Santa gave me these in kindergarten when I was 7 years old. At that time, I wrote a letter to Santa that I wanted to have shoes like those and I was amazed by how he knew it. Also, when Santa gave me the present, he appeared almost magical. This definitely contributed to helping me remember this gift.

 Lee Jun ho (Department of Computer Engineering ‘18)
 The MIDI keyboard that my mother bought in high school is most memorable gift for me. My mother first opposed the idea of music because it would interfere with my study. So, I was impressed by how she acknowledged and supported my love of music for the first time.

 Han Yoo Jin (Department of Nano Physics ‘18)
 When I was 20 years old, my dad bought me flowers and cakes. I tend to spend my birthday with my friends. Although I received many gifts from my friends, the gift I received from my family was so touching because it was long ago since I received a gift from my family.

 So far, I heard a lot of really diverse answers from my colleagues. Gifts impress us for various reasons, but there is certainly one thing that they all have in common. The simple fact that we have received gifts is what makes us happy. We live a happier life by receiving gifts. How about giving gifts sincerly to people around us as sincerely as much as we have received them? Surely the person who receives the gift will be greatly impressed. Just as we were impressed by the gifts of others.

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