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All In One‘Malling’, the convenience of enjoying everything in one place
Park Sung-Wan  |  yj4442@naver.com
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Updated : 2019.01.13  01:31:40
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 We are all very busy. We are obsessed with studying, part-time work, and student activities. We want to enjoy a variety of leisure activities, but the reality is that we can’t. I would like to introduce you to the increasingly popular pastime of 'Malling'. Mallling refers to enjoying leisure activities such as dining, shopping, watching movies, and visiting a spa all at one large complex shopping mall. In other words, the leisure Malling has emerged as the demands of busy modern people (including college students) to enjoy various leisure activities in one place, not just going to a shopping mall for shopping have increased. Because we are busy, malling is a perfect solution. Also, it is more convenient in the cold of winter because all the process of enjoying malling is done indoors.

 The reporter went on shopping, out to eat and visited a sauna with his family at Starfield, a shopping complex mall in Goyang. When I entered the mall, I was amazed by the huge scale. I felt like I was on the shopping paradise. There are about 250 fashion brand stores from the first floor to the fourth floor. Because the shopping mall is so wide and big, there are touchscreen maps to to help guide you to the shops and amenities you’re looking for. That's why we didn't have to worry about the stress of wandering around. Looking around a lot of brands, I was hungry. So, I had a meal after shopping. There are about 80 restaurants and cafes in the mall. There are cafes on every floor, while the restaurants are mainly concentrated in four places: Gourmet Street, Eatopia, PK Kitchen, and Mall side. The biggest advantage is that you can choose to eat in the place that you like. The places that Starfield provides resembles the famous places from all over the world. There are famous restaurants like ‘Shake Shack Burger’ shop of New York and Pyeong-yang Myeon-ok with Uijeongbu style, originating from Pyeong-yang cold noodle. Among them, I visited Gourmet Street, Etopia. Gourmet Street conceives itself as a gourmet trip all in one place, where you can enjoy fine dining in an exotic interior or on a terrace. Eatopia is more casual than Gourmet Street, and there you can enjoy popular restaurants and street food. Also, Korea’s famous restaurants like 60-year-old buckwheat specialty restaurant, Gwanghwamun Mijin, and a famous restaurant known for their octopus dish from Pimatgol Jongno-gu, and Sundubu soup with various toppings from Bukchang-dong. Among them, I ate Shake Shack’s signature item, the Shack Burger, and bukchang-dong Sundubu’s ham cheese and seafood Sundubu. After eating, I went to Aqua Field a sauna. The spa is about 12,800 square meters and is very wide compared to a sauna in a typical neighborhood. There are 8 different themes. If you want to take a rest in a quiet place, I recommend a relax room where you can take a rest in a high-end recliner. The relax room is a no-kids zone, so you can relax in a calm atmosphere. When you sit o in a typical neighborhood n a chair that can stretch your legs and see Bukhansan, you may think “It was a good idea to go malling”.

 In addition to the parts introduced in thi s article, malling includes many things to enjoy. Maling is like going to a buffet. You can enjoy what you want to enjoy at a shopping mall just like you bring your favorite dishes from a buffet. After reading this article, I hope that many Gachon University students enjoy malling too.

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