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Walking home from my school.Finding a fulfillment on a walk from school.
YeonSun Park  |  errdustjs@naver.com
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Updated : 2019.01.13  11:23:54
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn
 Who? Reporters of the Gachon Herald
When? From the 15th to 22 nd November 2018
Where? On the Gachon Herald Facebook page
What? To take beautiful pictures of the journey home from Gachon and reflect on what made the semester worthwhile.
Why? To encourage students to reward themselves.
How? Students post the road picture and the fulfillment they felt during the semester on the Gachon Herald Facebook Page. Reporters vote for the most beautiful picture and touching article. Then provide rechargeable handrail and 1 box of Bacchus beverage to them.
The contents of the promotion
1. Add Gachon Herald Facebook page as a friend.
2. Upload your own picture of the road from school to your house on the page.
3. With the picture, reflect on how worthwhile it was for you
Gift: Rechargeable handrail and Bacchus beverage 1 box.
Picture Winner Lee Jae-Sun(Department of Energy IT, class of 17)
Article Winner Ha Nam-Jun(Department of Korean Literature, class of 17)
 ‘My sophomore year is reaching its end. As time goes by, I think the timing of myself returning home is getting later. It’s so hard, right? I want to cry and give up sometimes because I’m so tired but it’s much harder to tell someone this. Whenever I feel that, I’m really thankful that I have someone to lean on. ‘When I get tired, it makes me feel good that I have someone to lean on. That is my fulfillment.’‘
 In this event, students had a time to look back the roads connecting their house and university. The writers’ expressed that they really spent a hard time during the semester with their pictures and articles. In each field, one person was picked from the votes by Gachon Herald reporters. Lee Jae-Sun student’s picture has high quality and Ha Nam-Jun student’s article is sincere. Writers want to give thanks again to our students, and hope they will finish their own semester with satisfaction.
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