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Love _ If someone's happiness is my happiness, that's loveOn Your Wedding Day, a movie that can feel a man's heart for a woman's happiness
Kim Min-Jae  |  kmjipod8@naver.com
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Updated : 2019.01.13  19:57:06
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 There is a saying that goes like this. "Men fall in love faster than women and their feelings cool down faster." Is this true? According to a U.S. study on the subject, more than 80 percent of the respondents said they think it is true, although it did not apply to everyone. But there are also people who fall in love quickly, and yet don’t cool down easily. “Can a man put everything down for love and focus on only one woman?” Let's find out how many sacrifices this man (the hero of the movie, played by Woo-Yeon) made for his loved one (the heroine of the movie, played by Seung-Hee) in the movie On Your Wedding Day.

 In the movie, Woo-Yeon gives up everything he has and his life for Seung-Hee. First, he learns boxing to get revenge on Tae-Gi and his gang and avenge those who they in high school. In their junior year, he finally takes revenge on each one of them. However, because he promised to Seung-Hee not to use his fists, he never strikes them again, even if they hit or humiliated him for no reason. So, he gave up his revenge for love.
 Second, Woo-Yeon enters a university that Seung-Hee goes only to be with her. He studies day and night to go to the university she wants to go to. After a year of studying to death, he enters the physical education department of the university. A man who was far from studying succeeds in entering college with the sincere hope and heart that he should meet the woman he likes.
 Third, Woo-Yeon’s shoulder gets injured in the process of protecting Seung-Hee. When construction equipment fell from the roof of the building where Seung-hui was, Woo-Yeon without hesitating for a second, jumped in to save her. He did this despite the risk that he might seriously injure his shoulder, something so important for being successful as a physical education teacher. He is willing to sacrifice his own body and his dream to save Seung-Hee.

 Many people wish to meet someone like Woo-Yeon who can give up or sacrifice everything for his partner when dating. People tend to check how much love they receive from their partners through the others’ actions. At some point, people may get used to the mindset that ‘my partner will always take my side’. This can be dangerous because they may think of this acting as their ‘right’ rather than love or special care. If this situation continues, the other party will be tired of dating no matter how big the feeling of love is. They would be exhausted even if they really love you. Also, they regret what they sacrificed or gave up for you in the past. In ‘On Your Wedding Day’, Seung-Hee’s happiness was Woo-Yeon’s happiness, but in the meantime, I think, 'if he had put his own happiness before Seung-Hee's happiness, he could have been even happier,'. Even at this moment, a person who feels compassion for someone, would sacrifice for his or her happiness. This is because they believe that the happiness of the other person is also of their own. If what I have said is hard to understand, think about it through the movie On Your Wedding Day.









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