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'All Samsung devices will AI-enabled by 2020'
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Updated : 2019.01.13  23:13:21
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LONDON ― Samsung Electronics will put artificial intelligence (AI) features in all its devices by 2020, and the services will be totally 1) personalized, according to a leader of the firm's AI center in the United Kingdom.

Professor Maja Pantic of Imperial College London, one of the leaders of the Samsung AI Center in Cambridge, added that the AI being developed by Samsung will always be 2) around users while offering helpful and safe services.
"By 2020, all Samsung devices will be AI-enabled, creating entirely new experiences and values," she said during a meeting with Korean reporters who visited London, Monday.
Samsung Electronics opened the Cambridge center May 22. Its research focuses on developing advanced 3) emotional recognition technologies powered by AI.
The center is led by Prof. Pantic as well as Andrew Blake, who was director of the Microsoft Research Lab in Cambridge.
Samsung 4) runs a total of five AI centers worldwide including those in Toronto and Moscow.
The company said it chose Cambridge as one of its 5) bases for AI research as the city has a long history of mathematics and natural sciences. Great schools and talented people gather there as well, the firm noted, adding the city has recently emerged as a new base for other global IT companies such as Amazon and Apple.
Prof. Pantic, whose area of expertise is machine analysis of human emotions, said Samsung's AI services will become totally "user-centric."
"User-centric means connect 6) a multitude of devices to be more helpful to the user," she said, noting that the devices will conduct common tasks as well as being personalized for the user.
The devices will be "always learning" to improve their performance and be "always there" to support the user. They will also be "always helpful" to minimize the user's 7) intervention and "always safe" to guarantee the user's privacy, she said.
In accordance with those strategies, Samsung Electronics is currently developing elementary technologies in diverse areas including voice and visual recognition, 8) robotics, machine learning and 9) data analytics.
Especially, the Cambridge center is aiming for a "human-centric AI," Prof. Pantic said, noting that its research areas include the development of human-like communication technology, which enables AI to 10) comprehensively understand things just like a human.
She added her center is also studying how to apply AI technology to healthcare. For example, when elderly people use Samsung's devices, the AI features would be able to detect signs of depression and let family members know so they can intervene.
By: Jun Ji-Hye

Published: 2018-09-06

Source: The Korea Times


1) personalized: 개별요구에 맞춰 제작하다

2) around: 이용할 수 있는

3) emotional recognition technologies: 감정감지기술

4) runs: 운영하다

5) bases for AI research: 인공지능 연구 기지

6) a multitude of: 다수의

7) intervention: 개입 또는 조정

8) robotics: 로봇공학

9) data analytics: 자료 분석학

10) comprehensively:  총괄적으로

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