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Senior Invitation Job Talk: Don’t suffer alone, let’s be with seniors!Meaningful time with Ji-Young Yoon, who is working at a foreign company
Shin Da-Yeon  |  sdysdw@gmail.com
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 Can I get a job when youth unemployment is getting worse?’, ‘How can I appeal well when I don't have any outstanding experience?’ You might have worried about such situations at least once while you were a freshmen adjusting to college life. Ahead of graduation, when they hear the word ‘employment’, most of them would be gloomy. Gachon University tried to ease the burden of job seeking students by hosting the <Senior Invitation Job Talk> program.
 <Senior Invitation Job Talk> is a program where seniors from various departments give lectures on various topics such as 'Understanding the IT service industries', 'Understanding the personnel affairs' and 'Understanding foreign companies'. Later in the lecture, they offer Q&A sessions to the students. Enrolled students at Gachon University can participate regardless of their grades, and 80 participants are recruited on a first-come first-served basis through the WIND system before the event. The program ran from Monday, October 1 to Friday, October 12 between 17:00 and 18:30.
 Through an interview with Ji-Young Yoon, from the class of ‘71 from the Department of English and Literature, who gave lectures about ‘Understanding Foreign Companies’, we briefly listened to the answers to some common questions that students might be curious about, and words of cheer for them.

 1. What is special about Ji-Young Yoon's resume and interview tips?
 You just need to organize your resume neatly because foreign companies don’t have any specific resume format. The identification photo for the resumes, is a way to check a person’s first impression, so I hope you take the photo with a clean image. Also, before the interview, I recommend you to check the company articles through Google and the company's homepage for accurate information about the departments that you apply for. They may check your understanding of what the department does. If you are asked embarrassing questions during an interview, it is desirable to ask the interviewer to give you some time to agonize and express your opinion calmly.

 2. In some cases, the department you majored in and the company you want will be a little different. Then, do you think the chances of getting a job can be higher if you have enough specifications for the company?
 I think it can be higher. It seems to me that foreign companies are more like that. I think the first major isn’t important if you have a career experience differently. Your first job will be different depending on where you start your internship. I hope you to have internship experience during vacation or leave of absence.

 3. Which studies do you recommend before applying for the company?
 I recommend studying Excel unconditionally. If you have the awareness of Excel or the ability to use the basic functions, the company will love you so much. In addition, it is good to get a related certificate. However, I hope you will study it only if you want to, because it is not essential but for showing passion.

 4. Lastly, please give a word of encouragement to the students.
 I think it is important to worry about who I am and which company I am fit for. If you are concerned about the university name value, I’d like to tell you that you don't have to worry about it too much. Foreign companies are less likely to care about it and more and more school alumnus are seen in society. If you do your best with positive mind, there will be a great result.

 The <Senior Invitation Job Talk> program would have been a big help for students at Gachon University who are still inexperienced in society. If you're in a hard and frustrating situation due to finding employment, try to get some advices from your seniors who already have various experience. Like ‘two heads are better than one’, if you worry about your own problems with your senior, there will be a cool breeze in your mind.

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