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트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn

 We can do lots of activities in university such as international activities, club activities and support. When we choose what to do, we compare our choices with the two standards of ‘what we need’ and ‘what we want’. Simply put, building up specs for employment or choosing to do what we really like. We get significantly hurt when we give up one of these two. Fortunately, at our campus, there is the Gachon University ‘Press Publishing Committee’, also called G. PRESS, ready for students who want to do both. Unfortunately, however, many people don’t know about this. Therefore I’m going to introduce G. PRESS (global episode) for many people to get interested.

 It is the 28th Gachon University Press Publishing Committee in 2019. G. PRESS is an independent organization and it belongs to the Central Steering committee. It holds three big events every year. First, in March, it holds the inauguration ceremony which announces the start of G. PRESS. Also, in summer, after first semester, there is a ‘junior school’ for all G. PRESS members to promote friendship with each other. Finally, in December, there is ‘the night of pressman’ at the end of the year. G. PRESS is composed of global campus chairman, vice chairman and medical campus vice chairman. Global G. PRESS consists of Gachon Broadcasting System, Gachon University magazine, The Gachon Herald and Gachon newspaper. So, let’s look into what kind of work they do.

 1. Gachon Broadcasting System (GBS)
 Gachon Broadcasting System (GBS) is divided into PD, ENG and ANN departments. They have a meeting twice a week. Also, they produce radio broadcasts three times a day every weekday with different ideas. In addition, they transmit video news which contains various campus events once a month and produce a broadcasting ceremony once a year with various themes every year.
 2. Gachon University Magazine
 Gachon University magazine consists of one managing editor and some other editors. They have meetings twice a week and publish Gachon university’s school magazines twice a year. School magazines contain various parts such as culture and other columns. Its feature is that all editors take part in designing all of it. Also, they hold product shows twice a year right after they publish the school magazines.
 3. The Gachon Herald
 The Gachon Herald is divided into covering, culture, picture, public opinion and journal departments. They have meetings once a week. Also, they write articles and do web publishing four times a year. Also, they do various activities such as interview and reporting. In addition, they produce the foundation ceremony which means celebrating their founding once a year.
 4. Gachon newspaper
 The Gachon newspaper is divided into picture, editorial and publicity departments. They have meetings three times a week. They write various articles through news-gathering at the university and surroundings. Moreover, they edit university’s newspaper and publish it in typesetting shop in person twice a month. Also, they hold photo exhibitions with articles and photographs they have once a year in second semester.

 Four years of university life, people don’t regard it as a long period because they want to enjoy the campus romance and prepare for employment at the same time. Therefore, people try to find activities that allow them to do both at once while they are in university. For people who are agonizing, I strongly recommend them to join G. PRESS because they can make specs that they need and do various activities that they want. Don’t we call it, “killing two birds with one stone?” Freshmen, won’t you join us?

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