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Writing Made Me What I AmDrama ’1 Liter of Tears’, the power of writing
Kim Min-Jae  |  g.herald1984@gmail.com
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 There are many things that can’t be separated from our life such as studying, cell phones and music. What do they have in common? It is writing. Writing is prerequisite for them. When we study or use a cell phone, we usually see or write a piece of writing. Also, when we listen to music, we are listening to the lyrics and melodies of the song writers or composers. Like this, writing is inseparable from people. Also, the power that writing has is tremendous. In some cases, impressive phrases become a turning point in someone’s life and some people take comfort as they read them. These impressive phrases aren’t restricted to those of who write well. The power of writing appears when a writer’s intention affects a reader’s mind. So, let’s check the power of writing through the drama, ’1 Liter of Tears’.

 The drama 1 Liter of Tears is adapted from the book 1 Liter of Tears. The story is about a 15-year-old girl, Aya, who writes about her life in a book in a diary style after she is suddenly diagnosed with spinocerebellar degeneration. This drama is based on a true story and impressed lots of people when it was broadcasted in Japan. This drama is composed with a total of 11 episodes and I’m going to introduce 2 episodes that allow us to feel the power of writing.

 Episode 3 _ Why was it me to catch such a disease?
 Aya and her classmates practice every day for choir a competition that will be held soon. Aya feels anxious because her body sometimes can’t react as she intends to. Therefore, she goes to meet her doctor secretly, but she doesn’t ask anything and returns. Meanwhile, Aya’s parents try to hide the name of a disease from her because they are worried about the shock that she would get when she hears it. However, Aya’s doctor, Mizuno, strongly believes that Aya should know about the disease so that she can recognize what she needs to do or what she wants to do. Finally, Aya’s parents agree with Mizuno and honestly tell Aya about the disease. Then, Mizuno gives a diary to Aya and tells her to write everything she experiences.

 Episode 11 _ Going far to the place where no tears exist
 Aya’s disease gets worse so she can’t walk or even talk anymore. The only way she communicates with others is to indicate English letters one by one. Aya’s diary which is written for several years, makes a huge impression to lots of people. As a result, people from all around the country who read the diary send her thank-you letters. Aya feels happy about the fact that she helped someone because she thought that she has been bothersome to others since the disease took over her body. In cold winter, Aya’s friend, Haruto, who always stays close to Aya, sheds tears and says “Aya, you’ve really lived hard” after he reads Aya’s diary.

 Aya isn’t better or smarter than us. She is just one of the ordinary people in the world like us. Moreover, what she writes is her diary is similar to things we may have written in the past. Then, how did this writing make such huge impression and affect many people? It is because writing which contains the sincerity of the writer arouses readers’ minds. Aya’s diary can be impressive to lots of people because in Aya’s writing, her uncomfortable daily life is described vividly with her sincerity after she was sick. This is the power of writing. Many people already know the drama ‘1 Liter of Tears’. I wish people who haven’t seen this drama yet, can experience and feel the power of writing in a way even greater than I did.

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