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It is better to die rather than to live without passion
Lee Yeon-Ji  |  cocorean23@naver.com
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Updated : 2019.03.25  20:39:19
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 It has been already three years since I joined The Gachon Herald, and as an output of my effort, I have become the editor-in-chief. I think I’ve been more passionate about this activity than any other in my life. Of course, there are many times when I wanted to give up because I was tired and exhausted. However, whenever I was in this kind of mood, I recalled this phrase, “I would rather die than live without passion!” This is my new motto of this year as Gachon Herald editor-in-chief.
 We don’t seek absolute perfection at the Gachon Herald. If everything is perfect, we can feel a sense of pride that we have no place to go further than that. Instead, we just continue to develop our passion to become a better publication.
 I wanted to convey this thought of passion to our reporters as the editor-in-chief. The passion of always trying their best with a mindset of ownership in everything. The passion of trying never to waste anything. The passion of trying to convey the most accurate and useful information to our students. Any kind of passion is good. I wish you to develop your own passion in 2019.
 The harmful insect to humans is ‘Dae-Chung (it means ‘to be sloppy’ in Korean)’. I hope that you will become the kind of reporters who are not ashamed of themselves.

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