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Car bomb attack at police academy kills at least 11 in Colombia
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Updated : 2019.03.26  03:45:47
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 At least 11 people were killed Thursday after a car bomb 1) detonated in the Colombian capital of Bogota, the country's Defense Ministry told CNN en Español.

 Officials said 65 others were injured in the blast, which occurred outside the General Santander National Police Academy.

 A high-ranking police official told CNN that the explosion appeared to be the result of a suicide attack.

 Police said the driver 2) rammed the vehicle into the grounds of the police academy at full speed and ignored calls to stop. The driver is 3) presumed to have died in the blast, but it is unclear if authorities are counting the attacker in the 4) death toll.

 CNN affiliate Cablenoticias showed the area outside the police 5) cadet school 6) cordoned off by Colombia's National Police.

 President Ivan Duque 7) condemned the attack as terrorism and vowed to 8) bring the 9) perpetrators to justice.

 He later visited the scene, where he spoke from the police academy and ordered the police and armed forces to "determine who the people behind this 10) vile attack are."

 He proclaimed a three-day period of 11) mourning.

 "From the moment of the events we have provided assistance and accompaniment to families. To all of them I send my love, my gratitude," he said.

 Attorney General Nestor Humberto Martinez identified "the material author of the attack, a man named Jose Aldemar Rojas Rodriguez, who was driving the car that entered the academy."

 Martinez said Rojas Rodriguez reportedly had about 80 kilograms of explosives.

 Both Duque and the 12) attorney general said an investigation is underway to identify any others behind the attack but did not provide further details.

 One of the police cadets killed was a 21-year-old woman from Ecuador who was studying at the academy, Ecuador President Lenín Moreno said.

 The US Embassy earlier 13) issued a warning on its official Twitter account to Americans in Bogota, referring to a "security incident" and advising people to monitor local media and police sources for more information.

By: CNN Wire

Published: 2019-01-18

Source: CNN

<Words & Expressions>

1) detonate: 폭발시키다
2) ram: 들이받다, 쑤셔 넣다.
ex) Two passengers were injured when their taxi was rammed from behind by a bus.
(그들이 탄 택시를 뒤에서 버스가 들이받으면서 승객 두 명이 부상을 입었다.)
3) presume: 추정하다, 생각하다
ex) I presume that you want to have the goods insured. (상품을 보험에 드실 생각이신가 봅니다)
4) death toll : 사망자 수
5) cadet: 간부(사관) 후보생
6) cordon off: 저지선을 치다, (비상 경계선을 치고) 사람들의 출입을 통제하다
ex) Police cordoned off the area until the bomb was made safe. (폭발 위험이 없어질 때까지 경찰이 그 지역에 저지선을 쳤다)
7) condemn: 비난하다
8) bring A to justice: A를 재판에 회부하다. A에게 법의 심판을 받게 하다
9) perpetrator :
가해자, 범인
10) vile: 극도로 불쾌한, 사악한
11) mourn: 애도하다
12) attorney general: 법무부 장관
13) issue: 발급하다, 발표하다
ex) issue a passport(여권을 발급하다)

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