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Just do it
Park Sung-Wan  |  yj4442@naver.com
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Updated : 2019.07.12  17:49:13
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lready, I am the oldest member of the Gachon Herald. From a cub reporter to an editor-in-chief, I have witnessed many members quit Gachon Herald. At first, it was sad that the members were going out, but after experiencing it a lot, it became dull at some point.

 What I want to say is that I won’t quit the Gachon Herald. Just do it like I’m doing. I am the one who made many mistakes that my colleagues didn’t, but I didn’t quit. I want to say that you can endure it easier than me. It's okay to make a mistake. It's okay even if you can't do it perfectly. If you just do it, you'll get used to it.

 It is not because the desk is smarter that they work better. Instead, it is because they are already familiar with the work of the Gachon Herald. I hope the permanent reporters and cub reporters who are with me understand what I mean. As I said at the beginning, you should not quit Gachon Herald in order to feel what it means to be a Gachon Herald reporter. To make a little personal comment, whether to work as a cub reporter, as a permanent reporter, or as the desk, it feels different one by one and each has its own interesting points. I really hope you can also feel them.

 The reporters sitting with me in the conference room! I hope you will join me until my retirement!

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