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Love lifetime, love mountainWhat is the attraction of climbing?
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According to ‘a result of 2018 national leisure activity investigation’ by the Ministry of Culture, the leisure activity most people did was ‘Watching TV’ with 71.8%. On the other hand, ‘Walk’ was noting more than fifth with 28.7%. as being changed people’s lifestyle, there are more people like spend their leisure time alone. So, people have more spent time of TV and Smartphone, and ‘Walk’ or ‘Climbing’ is popular leisure time to only senior citizens.
 Then what is the attraction of climbing? A cool wind, a well-shaded street with trees and a twittering of birds…These images are such attraction of mountain because we can’t feel these in a city, which everything is busy. Also it is another attraction of climbing to focus on your time by walking silently to the top of a mountain. In these point, it could be a special experience to go out of a stuffy city and enjoy your leisure time as listening to natural sounds. Let’s look the attraction of climbing in detail.

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 First of all, climbing is a huge amount of exercise, which is considered the ultimate in aerobic and muscular workouts. When doing climbing lightly, you can burn up about 250~300kcal in an hour, so it is best exercise for dieters. Steady climbing is also helpful for those with weak lower body because you use a lot of waist an leg muscles. In addition, your heart is strengthened and ardiopulmonary functions can be improved, and when you reach the top, you will be able to face healthy yourself.
 #stress reduction # phytoncide #green #eye health
 The phytoncide, which occurs in the mountains, not only has a sterilization function, but also a mental and physical stability function. Phytoncide is a natural antibacterial substance produced by plants in the forest, which has the effect of stress reduction and enhancing cardiopulmonary functions in humans. And for people who use a lot of electronic devices, seeing nature away from the exposure of electromagnetic waves can help relieve eye fatigue. Green also makes the eye more comfortable because the viewing angle is narrower than other colors, and just looking at the green forest can reduce eye fatigue along with the safety of the mind and body.
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 You can take a moment to look back at me as you walk silently toward the top of the mountain. As the goal of climbing is certain, you can see yourself arriving at the top by only looking at your own steps ahead. n a way, this resembles our life as we move silently toward our destination. If you're stressed or worried about your work, why don't you take time to think alone while hiking?

 Isn't it "climbing" that you need now, who are suffering from tight schedules, endless tasks, and complicated relationships? Getting out of the busy city center and into nature in itself would be an emotional healing. Let's take a trip to the nearest mountain right now!

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