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Society is dangerous, but is our school safe?School makes effort for student’s security.
EUN Yumi  |  eym718@gmail.com
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Updated : 2012.08.16  13:24:04
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  Nowadays, everyone is worried due to the increasing rate of crime. High crime rates tell us that these crimes might happen to us. The reality is that we cannot fully feel safe in or around our school. What does our school do for students’ security? Let’s take a look at what they have done for students’ security! 
  First, there is CCTV and cameras installed in school zones both inside and outside. The university has installed 262 CCTVs on our campus and parking lots for prevention of crime and for security. These CCTVs monitor the visitors all the time to prevent possible crimes. Out of 18 buildings, there are 9 buildings which are relatively weaker in safety, thus the school has installed special HD cameras with light bars for those buildings. These special cameras are expected to be very effective, as they can monitor not only the interior but also the whole building and the traffic as well. Cameras were set up in June for the security of the school and students.
  The second thing to notice is the emergency bell installation. Everyone knows that the crime rate for females is higher than that of males, sexual assaults especially. To prevent sex crimes from happening, 100 emergency bells have been installed in the women’s bathrooms. If students feel someone is going to attack them, they can push the emergency bell button. This alarm directly goes to the security office on the first floor. If the situation is not wrapped up quickly, the alarm is passed on to all the security offices on campus. If this situation continues to develop, the alarm will be passed onto Secom’s office outside the campus. Chances are, then our school will be much safer.
  The last on the list is security patrol. There are a total of 32 security guards at Gachon University. The guards not only patrol the campus, but also keep records of the remaining students’ on campus at night. If you ever stay in school at night finishing projects or working on homework, please cooperate with the guards for safety precautions. They started “asking the purpose of remaining” in 2010, because of the possible crimes occurring in lecture rooms.
  Aside from all of the above, the police officers of Sujeong-gu are on patrol around our campus two to three times a month. There is also an automated defibrillator installed on our campus. Additionally, our school is trying to install a fingerprint scan system for all the lecture halls. Through these improvements we can tell that our school is very devoted to enhancing the level of security for our students. However, we students should take care of ourselves first no matter how systematic the school’s security is. We should all put in an effort and help make our school the safest campus.

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