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Produce No.1. Best VacationLet’s pick a person who spent their vacation the best
Jang Na-Yeon  |  wkdsdkus812@naver.com
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Updated : 2019.09.21  21:54:50
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Who: Gachon Herald reporters
When: From July 5th to July 12th, 2019
Where: On the Gachon Herald Facebook page
What: Posting the memorable and worthwhile experiences during the university life. Pictures can be added.
Why: Many university students are spending their vacation in various ways. Some relax by going on a trip and others prefer to study for gaining certifications or taking examinations.
 I planned this event because I wanted to know how Gachon University students spent their vacations.  
How: Students may write comments about their special and meaningful experiences during college vacations and the reasons why they think so. Then, the Herald reporters select two people who posted the best stories and will offer gift certificates for cafes in our campus.
Prizewinner 1: Cho Soo-Ik
I started my first part-time job. That was working at a BBQ restaurant. I was so busy that I couldn’t see my feet. Besides, not only Koreans but also foreigners were working there, so it was so hard to communicate with them. I sweated a lot during the part-time job and spent crazy days. But I realize that the experience was very valuable to me.
Prizewinner 2: Lee Yoo-Jin
I took a trip to Bali, an island in Indonesia as soon as the summer vacation started. Going rafting was the most memorable thing during the trip. I met a lot of people from various countries when I went rafting. First of all, my mom and I started with another Chinese team at the same spot, I shouted out “加油(Let’s do this)!” in Chinese and broke our silence. We couldn’t communicate well, but we had a lot of fun. When I passed by people whom I didn’t know at all, I greeted them, saying “Gracias”, “Cheer up!” . I will never forget these happy memories of my life forever.
 I could read lots of interesting vacation stories of students through this event. Think about your vacations. How was it? Perfect or Regrettable? I hope all of you to have special and diverse experiences and learn a lot from them.
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