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There Has Been No Such Musical So Far. Is It a Musical? Or Is It a Circus?A musical that breaks the frame of a typical musical, Fuerza Bruta Wayra
Park Sung-Wan  |  yj4442@naver.com
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 Let's think musicals. Of course, you will think of watching actors sing and act and looking at the stage. Musicals are considered a more formal genre than other performances, so the audience watches them very quietly and only applauds when actors arouse them to respond. In Korean, ‘Fuerza Bruta Wayra’ means, 'the power of wilderness.' In that, this musical breaks the seriousness and calmness typical of existing musicals, I would like to introduce Fuerza Bruta Wayra, which is somewhere between musical and performance.

 Standing Seats and a 360-degree Stage
 The theater setup for this performance is not just the typical audience seat and stage structure. All seats are standing seats. Also, the stage is not limited to one place like the typical stages. There is even a stage in the middle of the standing seats, on the ceiling and walls. During the musical, with the guidance of the staff, the audience is divided into left and right sides of the standing seats, surrounding the center, gathering in the back, and the side. The stage effect is too variable to be imagined in a general musical. White paper powder or water sprinkled and water vapor is sprayed. And the audience responds to the musical in a very lively way as they do at a festival.

 1. A rail stage in the middle
 During the opening performance in the front of the stage, the guiding staff installs treadmill-like platform that looks like a red carpet across the middle of the audience. The actor performs and runs on the treadmill while both avoiding and breaking obstacles.

 2. Transparent acrylic plate stage on the ceiling
 On the ceiling, a transparent acrylic plate is filled with water, and actors swim on it freely. The audience is busy looking at the ceiling. Moreover, the transparent acrylic plate gradually comes down to the eye level of the audience. You can communicate with the performers by touching transparent acrylic plates instead of just looking at them. After that, the actors throw themselves on the acrylic plate, which was very dynamic compared to the performances of swimming in the early stage.

 3. Standing seats where everyone cheers and enjoys
 On the back wall of the stage, the actors like club DJs induce the audience to cheer. At one moment, the musical turns into a festival. Everyone comes to raise their hands and enjoy the show and it has an exciting atmosphere such as spraying steam like other festivals. In the middle of the act, the center of the standing seats are left empty. And water is poured into the center. The actors give a performance and the audience dances freely together under the pouring water.

 4. A tent over the audience
 The staff have the entire audience sit on the floor of the standing seat area. Then they put a tent over the audience to make the concert hall look like a tent. From the tent’s ceiling, the actors wear wires and give a performance hanging in the air. Members of the audience chosen by an actor are tied to a wire with him or her and go up into the air and perform together.

 Enjoy While Drinking Beer
 Most musicals prohibit bringing food and drinks, including water. But this musical is different. When you are issued with a ticket, you will receive a ticket in the form of a paper bracelet. And if you wear the ticket on your arm and go to the entrance, you can get a cup of beer for free, but only for adults. There is also a cup lid, so you don't have to worry about spilling beers. It's perfect to enjoy the standing seat musical.
Enjoy with the Audience
 The audience not only watches, but also participates in the musical. Musical actors randomly pick people from the audience, who make music on the stage with actors. The stage moves so that audiences from each district can be chosen and dance together on the stage. Furthermore, the actors are scattered on the standing seats rather than staying on one stage, and dance with the whole audience. Audiences can see the actors right in front of them.
 When all the performances are over and the actors greet and leave, they leave across the center of the stand. Then the actors shake hands with the audience. All the performances in this musical are over here. The actors have photo time, taking pictures with audiences.

 This crazy performance musical, which have attracted more than 6.4 million attendees in 63 cities from 36 countries around the world, has an indescribable uniqueness.
 Since this musical is very active, it is recommended that you carry only a minimum of belongings and wear comfortable clothes and shoes. If you watch a traditional musical, you might feel stiff from sitting in one position for a long time. But from this musical, you might feel exhausted after the performance. It’s because you walk all over the concert hall fascinated by spectacular attractions and you enjoy yourself without feeling tired. The musical Fuerza Bruta Wayra deserves its title, "The Power of Wilderness" in Korean.

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