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Get on a Fishing Boat on the Sea!A thrilling hand, sea fishing
Park Sung-Wan  |  yj4442@naver.com
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Updated : 2019.09.23  15:50:30
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 Sea fishing in open seas! Even if you've seen it a lot on TV shows and other entertainment programs, not many people would have experienced it in person. There are also many fishing cafes around you where you can easily experience fishing, but sea fishing has its own charm. It doesn’t use feed bait but live bait like a mud-worm and a loach. It uses an original fishing rod instead of a miniature fishing rod for a fishing cafe. While waiting for a fish to strike the bait, chatting with friends and enjoying a clear view of the sea makes you forget a busy day. For about four hours, I experienced boat fishing on the sea. There are two scheduled departures a day, one at 7 am-returning at 1 pm, and another departing at 1 pm-returning at 5 pm, of which we chose an afternoon schedule. Now let's check out sea fishing.

Sundeok Sea Fishing
Location: Yeonanbudu-ro35, Jung-gu, Incheon
Price: boarding fee-40000 won per person, fishing rod rental fee-10000 won per person

 Before Sea Fishing

 1. Check Tide Time
 Tide time is divided by the moon’s gravitation pull over fifteen days. When a new moon or a full moon is in the sky, the difference between the rise and fall of the tide is the biggest and smallest when it’s a half moon. The difference is described by water levels from 1 to 11 from the smallest tidal difference to the biggest. From water level 1, the tidal difference between the ebb and flow gradually increases. The difference peaks at water levels 7 to 8. For sea fishing, 1 to 3 is adequate. Also, clear weather is much better for catching fish as in the sunny bright day the fish move more actively.

 2. Fishing Equipment Rental and Purchase
 Buy and rent fishing rods, bait, “chabi”, and “bongdol”. I bought a loach, mud-worms and squid baits, three sets per person. Chabi is the generic term for objects mounted on a fishing rod, which is usually referred to as a combination of hooks, line, etc. Bongdol acts like a pendulum that lets the fishing rig sink into the sea.

 3. Preparation for Sea Fishing
 It is recommended that you get on the fishing boat about 20 minutes earlier than the departure time, as it is necessary to quickly grab the best seat. The boat will be under the sun for about 4 hours so the place under the shade is preferred. Also, avoid the seats that are close to the motor because it is noisy. Once you've settled down, you can bring a chair and sit down. Insert the fishing rod into the holder and assemble the chabi and the bongdol. Then, set up the bait. The loach bait is in a bucket and you have to open the lid to make a breathing hole.

 Begin Sea Fishing 
 Head out to sea for about 20 minutes by ship. If you watch the sea while being hit by the sea breeze all over you, you will be even more excited about fishing. When I arrived at the fishing site, the captain rang an alarm, a sign that I could throw a fishing rod into the sea. I put the set bait on the hook. There were two fishing hooks at different heights on the fishing line. On each, I put a different bait. And I threw fishing rod into the sea. After that, I loosened the fishing line fastener on the fishing rod handle and waited until chabi went down sufficiently below the surface. When the fishing line was fully lowered, the fastener was locked again. You should hold the fishing line by hand so that it doesn't get tangled while lowering it. From then on, the time of patience will begin. Wait until the fish bites the bait. If you feel like a fish bites the bait, you may tangle the fishing line. Only one of the three reporters, including me, caught fish. The catch was a mya arenaria. After that, we tried many times, but we couldn't catch fish. If you look around the boat, there are some who catch many fish and others who failed to catch any.

 * Precautions
 Sometimes a fishing rod is stuck on a reef and won't move. If you try to pull the fishing rod with force without hesitation, you can break it. You must pull the fishing rod and the fishing line in a straight line so that the fishing rod does not break. And when you go on fishing, you will be exposed to the sun for a long time, so it is recommended that you prepare sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, etc.

 Fishing is harder than you think. But the charm of sea fishing is clear. Even though we only caught one fish, watching the open sea feeling the cool sea breeze was fascinating enough to fish. We're tired of our daily lives, why don't we go out to sea once? Let's throw the fishing rod into the sea, wait for the fish to bite the bait, hoping to have a thrilling hand.

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