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We Were Together so We Couldn't Stop
Sim Kyu-Han  |  rbgks0103@naver.com
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 Now, only the last part of the three-year-long marathon is left. I still have a vivid memory of the first time I wrote the article. As I joined Gachon Herald later than others, I made many mistakes and it was so hard to keep up with other members. I often thought how terrible I was and I wondered if I had to leave Herald. Nevertheless, I was able to endure it without giving up because so many people supported me. Above all, I’d like to thank my seniors who comforted me whenever I made a mistake. It was a short time, but the sincere supports from the seniors were a big help to me who was afraid of the future.
 Next, I thank my friends. It was great to meet these friends. It was also the biggest reason why I didn't want to quit Gachon Herald. The first winter vacation with these friends is very memorable. I think they will agree with me. A lot of things were inadequate, but we seem to have managed to do big or small things. It was considerably hard at that time, but after that, I think it has become a good memory for us. Time with these friends will remain very meaningful in my reminiscence of university life.
 Finally, I also thank my juniors. Looking back on my senior year, it's hard to say that I was a good senior to my juniors. I'm sorry, and thank you for not paying much attention to my juniors. I want to say thank you juniors one more time who trust and follow me, despite my shortcomings. If I add a word to my juniors, I wish you could stay closer to each other. It would not be easy to work in Gachon Herald for three years. I think there will be a time when anyone wants to stop. Whenever that happens, I believe we have to rely on each other who go the same way together.
 I hope that each other will become a pacemaker and finish the rest of the way safely. Bye-Bye!

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