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Are You Interested in Fashion?The 2019 Gachon Fashion Show
Choi Yun-Je  |  mickeyjudy@naver.com
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 On September 24, an Art Festival was held at Gachon University. The Art Festival is an event that Gachon University's art, music, and physical education majors show people what they’ve prepared. For example, Visual Design majors demonstrated necklace making and a henna experience, while Taekwondo majors did a taekwondo performance. Also, Fashion Design majors designed clothes and organized a Fashion Show. The Fashion Show is an annual event that has been highly anticipated by people because of its colorful clothes. The Gachon Fashion Show was held in the last sequence of the Art Festival at 7:20 p.m. at Gachon Freedom Plaza.

 The central theme of the 2019 Fashion Show was ‘Mong Yu’, it means 'play in a dream' and 'play in a dreamlike mood.'. There were eight sub-themes: A Cruel Fairy Tale, Crack, MIDNIGHT ILLUSION, STREAM, A Close Dream, Combination for Combination, AUSTERE, and DREAM IN NATURE.

 The first stage, "A Cruel Fairy Tale," featured dark and austere clothes, which usually shows the color black as a point based on simple white clothes. The second stage, "Crack," stressed long sleeves and coats. The third stage, "MIDNIGHT ILLUSION," featured the most unconventional garments. It featured red as a point and showed bright colors that looked like the clothes of a clown. “STREAM" focused on white clothes and "A Close Dream" designed clothes that matched white and black. The sixth stage, "Combination for Combination," featured dark and strong-feeling clothes. Notably, it emphasized strong-feeling clothes through accessories such as hats and shoes. The seventh stage, "AUSTERE" made creases or unique lines on the clothes to give points. The last stage, "DREAM IN NATURE" brought up the image of nature in dreams, with models dressed in green or yellow holding flowers in one hand.

 According to Moon Joon-soo, the president of the student council of the Fashion Design department, some designers picked models that fit well with their clothes or others directly contact their acquaintances. He also said the eight groups prepared their own music and models for each Fashion Show. Finally, he said they hold the Fashion Show since it is an excellent opportunity for them to combine the skills they have learned in their major classes and show them to many people.

 The atmosphere of the Fashion Show was mysterious as if in a dream, and the show ended successfully. I recommend people who are interested in fashion to read this article and attend the fashion show next year.

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