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Hoping for the dots of moment to be a beautiful picture
Shin Da-Yeon  |  sdysdw@gmail.com
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Updated : 2020.12.14  18:07:38
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 It has already been two years since September 2018, when I first met the English newspaper club of Gachon University. Looking back on the past, I was a little timid when I was a freshman. I was nervous because I was worried if I could participate well, or that I would make a mistake; I even walked on eggshells not to make any mistakes in front of my seniors and even my colleagues. But now, I feel that even those moments of the past are valuable. It is because I have learned something while working as a reporter and the head of education in this club. I think I became very strong after as I got older. I realized that although it is important to do my work perfectly, I found out that a steady attitude and the desire to learn are more important. The second point I felt in a similar context was that I had to keep challenging myself, even if I was afraid of failing. Those who are gifted with talent will have the experience of quickly succeeding with little effort, but they are only a few. Therefore, I decided to keep on living with the thought to become a better person than yesterday through continuous challenges and efforts. The third point is that I must understand and take care of myself better than anyone else. I've also experienced depression. It is like falling into an abyss, and everyone might have felt it once in their life. There are some times when I get stomachaches after eating food that I used to enjoy and feel the emptiness no matter what I do. When you feel so depressed, you will feel better if you focus on everything on your own way for a while. Even if the world flows fast and it does not go as you want, you need to know that everyone has their own pace. I hope you focus on positive energy instead of things gnawing at you.

 If someone asks me about the best thing I did in college, I would say working as a member of the English newspaper club up to the last service term. There were times when I wanted to quit, but I could endure, thanks to great seniors, professors, social workers and other fellow students whom I met as a reporter. I also thanks to my 38th, 39th juniors for following me well. I'm sorry for not being nicer, and I hope my juniors can get something more valuable than me. Lastly, I would like to say thank you and you did well to my 37th colleagues who spent the longest time with me. I will always miss you, and I hope everything goes well.

 Precious memories from the English newspaper club pass by like a flash. I will continue to draw my own pictures after I finish writing the last article.

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