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As Flowers Bloom And Fall
Oh Da-Hae  |  712dahae@naver.com
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 The long and short three years of the English Newspaper's activities ended. Thanks to the English newspaper, I was very happy and made many good memories. I made close friends, got to know my seniors and juniors, went to LT, and wrote various articles. It was possible because I was with English newspaper club. It's no exaggeration to say this club is everything about my college life. I can't believe the fact that I have to leave. Of course, I wasn't always happy. There were a lot of difficult things too. I wanted to quit on the way. But I can't forget what my senior said at that time. ‘Even if you become a new or middle-level employee, it is almost impossible to become a president who leads all employees. But only in this English newspaper, you have the opportunity to experience all these stages in your life. It's hard, but it's a special experience. Don't lose it.’ And I didn't. I finished my entire term of office, from a cub reporter to a general manager. These are precious experiences and memories. I will never forget these past three years.

 I am grateful to the seniors who chose me to have all these experiences. Not to forget my 37’s Gachon Herald reporters. I was worried if we could do well, but I'm grateful and reliable that you all pulled me so well. My precious juniors, I'm so sorry that I couldn’t be of a great help as a senior reporter to you. Call me whenever you need on a hard time. I’m going to miss my English newspaper very much. Our flowers have fallen, but we hope that the next flower will bloom prettier and more abundantly as the flowers bloom and fall.

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