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Things for granted
Kim Chae-Rin  |  kcr227@naver.com
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Updated : 2020.12.30  13:59:02
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Covid-19, which has been spreading since the beginning of 2020, brought many changes to campus life. There was a time when I could face professors in lectures, go to cafeterias and restaurants often with my colleagues after class, and gather with reporters in the conference room together every Tuesday for Gachon Herald club meeting. Things that I took for granted for two years has become a dream now.
We are often so deceived by the familiarity of something that we forget about its preciousness. You may have experienced a time where you were given something, but you forgot about it, but when it disappeared, you used to feel the emptiness. What I felt, when my daily life was so natural, was that I never had gratitude for what I had, nor did I do my best to live the life that was given to me.
I believe our daily lives will come back if we all eagerly hope for it and make efforts. When the day comes, I will do my best at every moment with passion so that I will not have any more regrets. When I look back, I would be able to smile and let go of the past day. Covid-19 has threatened the health of many people and taken away our daily lives. However, I hope you take this crisis as an opportunity to take a break and recharge for a while and have time to reflect on yourself.
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