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We dream of a world without addictionEulji University, Department of Addiction Rehabilitation and Social Welfare
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Updated : 2012.08.16  15:31:25
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  Do you have a facebook account? Do you log in to your account frequently? If so, click this link! http://blog.naver.com/sktreporter?Redirect=Log&logNo=30124386584 It is a link that tests if you are addicted to facebook or not.
  This test was made by Gang myung-jun, an SK Telecom campus student reporter. Here the ‘addiction’ doesn’t seem very dangerous or fatal, but when you read some medical journals, it actually turns out to be quite the opposite. Game addiction has become an issue----for example, in 2010, a middle school student violently murdered his mother because of game addiction and committed suicide. Earlier this year, a woman in her twenties gave birth to a baby in a PC game room and later abandoned the baby in a motel parking lot. Furthermore, computer games are not the only problem when we talk about addictions. Other addictions, such as drug addiction which took the life of the late Whitney Houston, are steeply on the rise. Alcohol, gambling, drugs, internet, and social network addictions are increasing and threatening people's lives all around the world  How we can solve the problems caused by addiction, and are there any professional treatments for these problems? While I searched through many Universities I came across the Department of Addiction Rehabilitation and Social Welfare at Eulji University, which is located in Seongnam City. 
  The Department of Addiction Rehabilitation and Social Welfare was founded in 2004 as the Department of Social Welfare. From 2008, it was renamed as the Department of Addiction Rehabilitation and Social Welfare. The department was established in order to practice the education of addiction rehabilitation with social welfare, producing professionals coping with various social problems and improving the quality of life. Professors who majored in psychiatry , social welfare, and clinical psychology teach students to take a multidisciplinary approach. Through experience in social practices and exercise, undergraduates are ready to go into the field by the time they graduate. Below is an interview with the student council President Park Chung-Soo and TA Su Jang-Won With Park, the president of the student council
  Q1: Why did you apply to this major?
  A: felt like I would learn something new and special from this department. When I considered today’s society and its problems such as child welfare, social and adolescent welfare, I noticed that there was a lot of demand in those areas. I also searched for a new field that looked promising, and I came across the addiction-related field and immediately applied.
  Q2: Are there student requirements to complete outside their majors? Please tell us what they have to complete to graduate.
  A: Our major is affiliated with the Seongnam Alcohol Council Center and we do campaign activities with them. We also volunteer at other alcohol and mental health centers that need our help. 
  Q3. There is also a club called Moderation in Drinking Club in your department. Please tell us about this club.
  A: It is a temperance circle, part of a big organization of over 60 universities, organized through the Ministry of Health and Welfare. In our university, the club is called MID, which stands for Moderation in Drink. We teach people how to drink properly and responsibly. We try to reduce incidents related to alcohol on campus. Together with the Seongnam Alcohol Center, we do a lot of campaign activities informing the local residents about drinking appropriately. The foundation ceremony was held in 2009, and MID is endlessly trying to lead a healthy drinking culture. 
  Q4. What do you think is the department's vision?
  A: Although game and internet addiction has become a social issue, the system is deficient to correct such problems fundamentally. But, then, as our major allows us to encounter information related to addiction, it is true that we are interested in newly appearing addictions in our society, hoping that we can contribute to heal the society. In this field, I’m sure that our department will be the best place to cultivate people of talent and create specialists.  
With Suh, TA
  Q1: Please tell us about the department’s curriculum.
  A: Our curriculum consists of practice at a social welfare center at a hospital for 2 weeks during the junior winter vacation and at addiction centers during the senior summer vacation. We have to practice social welfare and addiction at different wellness centers. We also have to volunteer at general hospitals and regional alcohol curing centers. In my case, I went to social welfare practice at ‘Seongnam World Vision Center’ and did addiction practice at ‘Da-sa-rang Hospital’ and ‘Bupyung Acohol Counsel Center.’ Although there are many addictions, we only volunteer for alcohol related addictions. In hospital, alcoholics receive medical treatment and we help with paperwork and recreation programs. When it comes to addiction the situation tends to become very serious, but at the regional alcohol curing center, people are trying to quit alcohol. So, when we do practice, the alcohol counsel center is easier compared to hospitals. Social-welfare practice includes work and program subserving. We also volunteer to talk with senior citizens who live alone and help children with single parents.
  Q2: How do you feel when you do the work you do?
  A:The biggest realization is that addiction has no age limit. I saw young children and seniors at hospital and alcohol counsel centers. I realized that addiction is not confined with a specific age.
  Q3: Please, tell us about the graduates’ course. After graduation, which companies do your alumnis get into?
  A: Graduates from the Department of Addiction Rehabilitation and Social Welfare go into social welfare organizations, mental health centers, hospitals, alcohol counseling centers, and NGO organizations etc. There are many different organizations. 
  When I was done with my research on this major, I felt that this was a department certainly needed in Korea, especially for the future. Also, the vibe and energy I felt from this department was like no other when compared with other University departments. They are truly proud of their department and do not look at their course as a field that they need to complete just to graduate. In Korea, many students look like they are not that interested in their major, but this department begs to differ. The campus tour made me think deeply about my current major and my future.
  As doctors cure patients, these graduates will cure many addictions. From this point of view, we can say that they are also doctors in their own terms. Their role in society is big and important. The students here do voluntary service in the field they have interest in starting from their freshman year, to accumulate experience. Aren’t they sufficiently smart and cool? I think that their passion and energy can change Korea into a healthy society and, of course, cure many addiction problems. As implied in the department’s slogan, ‘A warm movement that is changing the world,’ they are dreaming of bringing change to the world, which will be made by them.

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