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Remote learning due to Covid-19, let’s have a virtual campus life tour with a video‘Latté Nun Ma Ri Ya (라떼는 말이야)’ Contest
Choi Seh-min  |  cchloe1006@gmail.com
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Updated : 2020.12.30  23:21:01
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 Due to the Covid-19, the first semester of 2020 has changed many students’ daily life. Our ordinary school life has become a distant memory. Online classes and non-face-to-face life made students lethargic. Especially, freshmen didn’t even have a chance to experience the campus life they eagerly anticipated. Therefore, the Artechne Center has hosted several new contests for exhausted students who miss their Campus life and for freshmen who want to experience a college student life on campus. Among the contests, I would like to introduce the Latté Nun Ma Ri Ya (라떼는 말이야)’ contest that helped students to experience campus life indirectly and students’ outstanding creativity.

 Before the introduction of the contest, let’s see what the contest title Latté Nun Ma Ri Ya (라떼는 말이야)’ stands for. ‘Latté Nun Ma Ri Ya (라떼는 말이야)’ is a Korean slang term that comes from a famous expression, “Back in the days” which is a frequently used by old generations. This is a sarcastic remark against “condescending old men”, encountered in society. This term generalizes old men’s own experiences and impose unilateral coercion on those who are lower or younger than them. “The condescending old man” has a strong negative image, but in a way, we can see them as a mentor who has more wisdom of life. They might just want to give us the advice to help us avoid the same mistake that they have made at our age. They can be a mentor in our life who leads us to a better life. The contest title ‘Latté Nun Ma Ri Ya” (라떼는 말이야) is a frequently used slang that depicts the positive part of the “condescending old men”. The theme of this contest is the production of video clips that introduce campus life at Gachon University, and the subtitle of the contest is the reflection of Campus life.

 Participants should make a less than three-minute video and must include the contest’s theme in the video. Introducing the school life to freshmen and the reviews of good restaurants near the school are possible examples. This process was done all online because external activities were prohibited to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Therefore, it was necessary to make a video using only the pictures or videos that had been taken previously. To participate in the contest, we just had to submit the original video image and an outcome report in a fixed form through the WIND system that supports non-subject activities. All the prize winners get the certificates. The prize money was three million won for the first place (one team), the prize for the second winners got one million and five hundred thousand won (two teams), the third prize was one million won (3 teams), and the fourth got the prize of five hundred thousand won (10 teams). The contest was announced on April 13th and received applications until May 1st. The teams were diverse; there were teams only with the enrolled student who attended school for more than a year, or teams with both freshmen and seniors. 5 members formed one team and a total of 54 teams had participated in the contest.

 So far, we have looked at the new contest hosted by the Artecne Center, ‘Latté Nun Ma Ri Ya (라떼는 말이야)’. Films that won the prizes are posted on the Artecne Youtube channel. Why don't you see the uploaded videos on the Gachon University Artecne Center Youtube Chanel? It will help freshmen to make a glimpse of the campus life they have much-anticipation in, and others can reminisce about their delightful memories on campus.

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I love latte!!
(2020-12-31 11:49:00)
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