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Introduce Your Rare films!What are your hidden gems on Netflix?
Kim Hyun-Jin  |  emily0125@naver.com
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Updated : 2021.06.23  18:20:31
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Who: Gachon Herald Reporters
When: From April 1st to April 10th, 2021
Where: On the Gachon Herald Facebook Page
What: Choose something that is not famous on Netflix and write a comment about why they recommend it with the poster.
Why: The number of people watching Netflix at home is increasing because of Covid-19. But when we turn on the app, we tend to only watch popular movies or dramas. So, this intends to recommend some interesting movies, dramas, and animations for each other and enjoy together despite not being famous.
How: In the comments on Gachon Herald Facebook Page, attach the posters of the rare works and write why you recommend them. We are going to give Starbucks americano coupons to two winners.

Prize winner Hong Seung Woo
<Kim’s Convenience>
 It is a sitcom about a Korean family running a convenience store in Canada and usually about the small things of daily life among the family. The reason I recommend it is that we can learn about Canadian culture and it expresses how they think about Korea. Also, we can be impressed by the way of resolving family’s conflicts and making harmony. Lastly, we can watch it comfortably because it is a sitcom.

 Kim’s Convenience is a story about a Korean family who moved to Canada in the 1980s and runs a convenience store in Toronto. It became a very popular comedy in Canada and created new Korean waves after three months of airing.
Prize winner Lee Yu Jin
 I recommend Soulmate. This movie is about a friendship between two girls. I recommend it because the acting of heroine Joo Dong-woo is impressive, calm, not boring but touching.
 The movie Soulmate shows the emotional impression of friendship, love, yearning, and conflict between two friends. It is a youth story of two girls who have been together for 14 years and become alike.
 I have been looking forward to recommended rare works because most people watch famous movies or dramas only. Also, it was helpful because this event gave us a chance to learn about exciting works that we did not know. Through this article, I hope you can gain great strength by watching rare works that you probably did not know about during the difficult times of Covid-19.
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