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Let’s Go One Step Forward Toward Our School LivesYou can feel closer to school life through the contest, a “Three-line Diary Contest”.
Ha Se-Young  |  ozllof@naver.com
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 Many freshmen must have entered university with expectations of enjoying campus life. But many of them have been disappointed in the change to online classes caused by COVID-19. There are many posts like ‘It’s my first time to go to school today. Where is this building?’, ’Should I pay for the school shuttle?’ on Everytime, the university community website. Likewise, many students have few chances to visit their campus and they can’t enjoy their university lives to the fullest. Therefore, Artechne Center held a “Three-line Diary Contest” that gave an opportunity for freshmen to explore the campus of Gachon University and the surrounding stores. Let’s take a look at the contest.
 Only the freshmen of Gachon university who entered in 2021 can participate in the “Three-line Diary Contest”. They must submit one picture per person, and participants must be in the picture. Participants were to write a three-line diary according to the form attached on WIND system and submit it via e-mail. According to the contest theme, they should express freshmen’s school life through diaries and photos, the diaries must include three words that Gachon University students can relate to: popular restaurant, cyber class, road, honey, insider, mask, Vision Tower, and gift. The contest was announced on 16th March and finished receiving applications on 16th April. After they announced the winner on 7th May, all the winners were awarded prizes. They provided 500,000 won, 300,000 won, and 100,000 won each for the first prize, the grand prize, and the excellence prize. The “Drawing Diary Contest” which was also held similarly to last year and proceeded by have students draw what they imagine their own college lives to be without COVID-19, but <Three-line diary> contest proceeded in a way of taking pictures of themselves enjoying their school lives. Therefore, they could encourage 138 students to participate in the contest.
 Nevertheless, it was held in the beginning of the semester. It would be an excellent choice to continue the contest as an event for freshmen to adapt to school life even after the COVID-situation improves. I looked around the campus with my friends to take a picture to participate in the contest. Comparing to the times that I visited campus to take classes, I could look around the campus more leisurely. I explored the new directions in campus, restaurants, cafes, and school facilities. It was a great experience to enjoy the school cafeteria and have a good time in our school. Above all, I could feel the sense of belonging and realize the fact that I really entered our university by taking a picture in front of the infinity statue, a symbol of Gachon University. Through the contest, I made good memories which made me feel close with my friends.
 It was beneficial for freshmen to induce their creativity and challenge something new. Through the contest, I hope that many students will pay more attention to Artechne Center and Gachon WIND system so that they can participate in many events and competitions in the area of their interests. Also, I hope that students enjoy their school lives fully, even if they are in a poor situation, by participating in school events and contests.
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