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How To Form a Good Habit‘Time to Change Vacation, 15 Days’ contest
Cho Eun-Seon  |  eunseon1873@gmail.com
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Updated : 2021.09.07  17:48:33
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  We always make plans for what we want to do on vacation, but after the final exam, it is easy to forget our plans and live a lazy life. In particular, we likely become lazy and depressed in the current situation where outdoor activities are not possible due to COVID-19. In June, in order to solve these students' difficulties, Gachon University's Artechne Center held a memoir contest for a summer vacation challenge called ‘Time to Change Vacation, 15 Days’.
 'Time to Change Vacation, 15 Days’ is open to anyone who is enrolled at Gachon University. Participants are required to submit a personal information consent form, challenge diary and results report through the Gachon University WIND system. For the topic of the diary, any subject that can be tried during vacation can be chosen, but it should be something new that you have wanted to try outside of your major. In addition, participants must choose a certain day of the week when they can continue the activity for more than 15 days in total. Participants also should take a picture with the date on it for proof and attach it to the report. The contest was announced on June 1 and closed on July 26, and the winners were announced on the Artechne Center website on August 17. Winners of the first prize, the second prize, and the third prize were respectively awarded 500,000 won, 300,000 won, and 100,000 won each.
 I participated in the contest under the theme of 'daily 40-minute reading challenge’. I timed and read a book for at least 40 minutes, aiming to finish a book during the challenge. The book I chose was Peter Singer's <Animal Liberation>, a book that I had never opened before, only just having planned to read it. After reading the book for 40 minutes, I documented my feelings and any impressive sentences in my notes.
 The biggest achievement of writing a diary was that I was able to complete a book that I would normally have quit reading. Also, I felt very proud when I saw the pictures that I took every day piled up in my phone gallery. Days I spent thoughtlessly seemed to change greatly just by reading books and writing notes every day, and I could spend the rest of the day meaningfully, doing exercise or studying.
 While there are people who are motivated just by writing a diary, there are also people who cannot keep their plans longer than a few days. There is one tip for students who cannot complete their goals every day. During the 15 days of the challenge, I didn't have a break until I finished both of my tasks: reading for 40 minutes and writing a reading note so that I could concentrate effectively for a short period of time. Not only does it motivate me to finish my work quickly and rest, but it also increases satisfaction when I finish my work. This method will also be helpful for daily activities such as school work and exercise.
 The ‘Time to Change Vacation, 15 Days’ contest is a one-time event, but we can always set short-term goals and practice them every day. If you write a diary using the tip suggested above, you can spend your day more fully and have a chance to change your lazy lifestyle. Also, you can make a habit of doing what you usually didn’t do on vacations. For students who are living a boring and lazy life, it would be nice to take advantage of their vacation time by trying new challenges.
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