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Let’s Dive Into Our Memory!Sharing my teenage school years
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Updated : 2021.09.09  12:32:32
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Who: Gachon Herald reporters
When: From July 2nd to July 11th, 2021
Where: On the Gachon Herald Facebook page
What: Writing a comment about an episode of one’s teenage school life related to one of the three given keywords, ‘self-study after school’, ‘gym class’, ‘school lunch’.
Why: As we enter our 20s and enjoy college life, we often miss those days when we used to wear school uniforms and study after school with our friends. Although we often fall into reminiscing, there are some limitations in talking about our teenage years with our college friends who attended different middle/high schools. Considering this, I would like to make a place where Gachon University students can share their memories of their teenage years with their friends through this Gachon Herald Special Event.
How: Gachon University students write an episode about their teenage school days in the comment, using one of the given keywords. Each and every memory is precious, so the Herald reporters will offer Starbucks Americano e-coupons to two random students.
Prizewinner: Kim Joo-Hyun
 I had sprained my finger by getting hit with a basketball during gym class in middle school. My finger got swollen, but my P.E. teacher said “It will be just fine”, so I waited until school is over and went to the hospital. But when I got to the hospital, the doctor was shocked by my finger and asked why I had not come sooner. I remember my tendon was torn. Even though this accident happened in middle school, I still can’t bend my right index finger well since then. It is a sad but unforgettable episode.
Prizewinner: Kim Kyu-Yeon
 I always carried a blanket around me at school and slept all the time, even during self-study hours. One day, I heard there’s going to be badminton time in P.E. class, so I woke up to play. But then, my P.E. teacher said “Kyu-Yeon why aren’t you sleeping today? I know you sleep well wherever you are.” It was a little shameful memory for me.
 I was pleased to see that students tell each other and share their stories, talking about some trivial things about the gone days. And through this, I thought a place for communication is made where the purpose of this event fits right. From above the two episodes, I also could recall my teenage years while writing this article, thinking that P.E. teachers have always got a unique presence in the school no matter who they are. I hope this article will come to the Gachon University students as an opportunity to recall their memories even though the happenings were already over and I also wish students prepare well for the new semester.
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