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Same Place, Different CasesCapone Trilogy, the darkest time ever
Jang Na-Yeon  |  wkdsdkus812@naver.com
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Updated : 2021.12.22  03:57:52
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 Can you believe an incident where one person got a whole city confused? The play Capone Trilogy is based on the real incident when Al Capone, a notorious mafia boss, took over Chicago in the 20th century. Also, the biggest feature of the play is an omnibus format of three events that take place at intervals of about ten years in the same place, Lexington Hotel 661 in Chicago, USA. There are three stories<Rockie>in 1923, <Lucifer> in 1934 and <Vindicci> in 1943. The running time for each episode is 60 minutes and as mentioned, they all happen in the same space. The story of the play is based on the real-life story. Let me explain about all the three stories and the overall atmosphere at that time.
1923 <Rockie>
 The first episode <Rockie> is set in 1923, when Al Capone was brushing around fully. Lola Keane, the best showgirl at that time, hears from detectives who visit her that she has been involved in a case of murder the day before her wedding. Then, that night, everyone’s secrets are revealed to the audience. From the fact that she loves not her fiancé but a different guy, and the fact the guy that she loves even betrayed her fiancé and turned out to be a murderer surprisingly, to the tragic ending that he chose suicide in the end. You can easily be in confusion because of the complicated story. In this episode, it shows that how unsettled that social atmosphere is. But the unusual point is that it pans out to the black comedy genre while the whole story is confusing. Thus, it is imposing that characters say uncomfortable but light humor. Plus, the characters are also impressive components who introduce themselves as appearing from her imagination to her. They tell her that she can never get out of this imaginative room. She is under control by them at first, but she realizes what she really wants, then finally she opens the door by herself and goes out of the room. It ends with her showing her independence.
1934 <Lucifer>
 In <Lucifer>, while Capone in prison, Nick Nitty, who is the No. 2 player in the Capone organization, and his wife Marlin are the central characters. This episode focuses on Lexington Hotel 661 in 1934, where they live. Nick and Marlin loved each other so much, so this room where they reside seems to be a very warm place. In fact, Nick did not tell her that he is actually a leader in the mafia organization. However, there is no secret in the world. She gradually figures out his secret. Then, their relationship gets worse and worse. One day, he victimized her family to protect her and they finally go to the deuce. This place looks safe, but the truth is that it is the most dangerous place.
1943 <Vindicci>
 In the last episode, Vindicci, a police officer with righteous faith, previously lost his wife because of his boss Frank. After that, he has stayed in Lexington Hotel 661 to seek revenge. While he is planning to murder Frank, he met his assistant, Lucy, Frank’s daughter. She spends her childhood shivering with fear from her father who committed misdeeds. She also has planned to revenge as same as Vindicci. However, all three people who are deceiving each other pay for their crimes through death.
 Despite the long running time of 3 hours and 30 minutes, only 28 square feet of space is shown to audience. However, I think it is an impressive element to show the social mood across Chicago clearly, which is covered darkly with this small space. I hope now you also feel darkness like you’ve never imagined through the play Capone Trilogy.
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